About Us

This website is called There is Always a Theory, because that is what we firmly believe. That theories themselves transcend, time, space, culture, society or even civilisation. Many people can form the same theory, or agree on similar theories, but people can also form completely different theories based on access to the same facts and data. A theory lives, it evolves, it mutates, and of course a theory can die. New theories grow to replace dead theories, and multiple theories can merge into one. Fascinated by this idea, Michael Wharton decided to create a forum for people of all ideologies, and beliefs or opinions, to share their well written theory, opinion or ideology, so that they could reach others with a similar viewpoint, or even a completely different one.

This site is not a place where people come to abuse each other, or call each other insulting terms, but a place where meaningful debate can take place, with real discussion between people of differing agendas or backgrounds. No trolling, no flaming, no hate, no fear, only theories.

Well there is always a theory anyway…