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What’s This All About?

Welcome to There is Always a Theory, a project still very much under development, and underdeveloped by Michael Wharton (MikeSynonymous). What began several years ago as a personal web blog, has evolved into a journal of sorts, where lots of people (hopefully), are free to express their thoughts, theories, opinions and ideas about how the world works, or how it should work. Contributors are either friends, relatives, or even people I have never met, who have submitted an article through the website. I do not fully agree with all the thoughts, theories, hypotheses, opinions or ideas expressed on this website, but I do wholeheartedly enjoy reading them, and commenting on them! We welcome all kinds of theory, from political, to scientific, or socio-economic, academic, or even your personal ideas on how Harry Potter should have ended.

We have no organisation just yet, and there may be a good deal of sorting out and archiving to do once we have a lot of articles to read, I’m sure as our readers, you would like to read a lot of similar articles, or even to read articles that are contemporary to each other chronologically. In fact, as I write this, there are no articles, contributors or authors but myself. This is hopefully the first of many posts, and for now, while we are limited in budget, we are using WordPress (am I really still using the royal we when I just told you that it is still just me?).

What’s With The Name?

So There is Always a Theory, or is there? Well for as long as information exists, there are ways to interpret that information, and the Universe contains intelligent life capable of interpreting the information into hypotheses and theories.

Therefore; there is always a theory only as long as there are people. People form theories all the time. When you cross the street, you see the moving cars, you take in the data and you analyse if it is safe to cross or not. You form a hypothesis and you decide that it is safe hypothetically, then you test your hypothesis in an experiment and form your overall theory of when it is safe to cross the road. Your theory may differ from that of others, you may only cross at a pedestrian crossing, only when the green man is showing you that it is safe, you may weave in between the cars like you are Neo in the Matrix dodging bullets, but everyone forms theories, all the time.

Do you think there is always a theory? Why not write an article, propose your theory, opinion, hypothesis, analysis, or maybe you have written a review of a movie, or a political diatribe, well submit it anyway, we are more than likely to publish it if it is well written, and maybe even if it isn’t! We can’t pay you any money, but you can impress your friends with your credentials as a published writer! We want people to read your article as much as you do, so we will promote it, link to it, tweet it, and comment on it.

There Is Always A Theory does not endorse hate speech, we promote critical thinking, juxtaposition, debate, discussion, argument, disagreement, retort, Myth-busting, rational thought, irrational thought, criticism, and general banter, but without hate, insult, flaming, defamation, condescension, bigotry, prejudice, ignorance or general nastiness. We also like to try and keep an open mind.